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2. The Chapel of the Annunciation

The structure which houses the Chapel of the Annunciation started its life in 1972 as the school gymnasium. Under the guidance of architect Brian Dowling, the building underwent an extensive conversion and, in 1988, was officially opened as the School’s place of worship.

The building includes public and private worship spaces known as the Chapel of the Annunciation and The Lady Chapel respectively. In 1989, the Parents & Friends Association donated the Knud Smenge pipe organ and the Old Grammarians’ Association gifted the stained glass window which is based on Chapter 8 of the Book of Proverbs, and was designed by Grammarian Ede Horton (1971).  The Chapel also contains a number of other gifts from member of the school community including candlesticks, pews and the Archer Bell (donated in 2001).

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Like many of the buildings on campus, the Chapel has evolved over time adjusting to increasing enrolments. Originally located in a small classroom in the Boarding House, the Chapel was later allocated temporary space at the rear of the former Assembly Hall when the Boarding House underwent renovations in the late 1960s. This move improved the accessibility for day girls wishing to attend services and take up positions as chapel servers, a role usually reserved for Boarders.

The Chapel is an integral part of daily life at CGGS. During any given week, a range of Chapel services are held for students, staff and the School community with students regularly engaged in the planning and running of each service. In addition to special Easter and Christmas services, the Chapel also hosts Grammarians who wish to return to their former school to celebrate marriages and baptisms or to honour the passing of loved-ones.

Image for photo: 1927-30s Oldest photo of original chapel in Boarding House.jpg

circa 1927 Oldest photo of original chapel located within the Boarding House

Image for photo: Old Gym 1972.jpg

Inside what was the original gymnasium in 1972

Image for photo: 1977 Gymnasium.jpg

1977 photo of the gymnasium prior to its conversion in to the Chapel of the Annunciation

Image for photo: Consecration of Chapel 17.6.1988 - before OGA window.jpg

Consecration of the Chapel on 17 June 1988 before the installation of the stained glass window

Image for photo: stained glass.jpg

The stained glass window in the Chapel - donated by the Old Grammarians Association

Image for photo: 2006 Chapel from Boarding House.jpg

2006 view of the Chapel from the Boarding House

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