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11. Science Wing / B Block

This impressive complex was constructed in two stages throughout 2011 and 2012. The original ‘B Block’ and science laboratories - which had been in use for over 50 years - were demolished to make way for the state-of-the-art buildings you see today.

The new ‘B Block’ was completed in 2011 and comprises two levels of classroom space situated above storage and archival space, student locker bays and a car park. This structure provides flexible teaching and learning spaces with an emphasis on indoor/outdoor connection. Sunlight floods the classrooms which are used for a variety of subjects including English and mathematics.

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Staff and students embraced the upgraded facilities, in particular the new and improved heating system.  

An enclosed walkway links B Block with the Science Wing which was officially opened in May 2012 by Nobel Prize winning astrophysicist Professor Brian Schmidt.

CGGS has always been active in encouraging girls to pursue a career in the sciences. Investment in infrastructure to support this commitment started in the late 1950s with the School receiving the first ever ACT government grant made to a school. The funding, specifically intended to encourage science education, helped build the original science block which faced Empire Circuit.

Eventually the existing facilities began to show their age and lack of contemporary resources and the decision was taken to construct the new Science Wing. Today students enjoy access to hi-tech amenities in dedicated laboratories and classrooms.

At the northern end of the building, the foyer and atrium offer views across manicured grounds to the British High Commissioner’s residence. This space is used regularly for functions, alumni reunions and exhibitions of student work.

The Science Wing received the Master Builders’ Association Excellence in Building Award in 2012. The building is the largest single investment in infrastructure in the School’s history.

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1934 Science class

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1960s Science lab

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1998 walkway to science laboratories (where the B Block and Science Wing now stand)

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Year 10 Science class enjoying the first day of the new Science Wing

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New B Block classrooms nearing completion in 2010

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Atrium inside the Science Wing - taken 2014

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