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7. Music Centre

Originally constructed as the Assembly Hall and opened by the Prime Minister of Australia, Sir Robert Menzies on 20 September 1964, this building was converted to the Music Centre in 2004.

The design of the top floor is centred around the recital room, which has a duel function as both a rehearsal and performance space. The original floorboards of the Assembly Hall, polished to peak condition and illuminated by natural light from the quadrangle, bring a warmth to the room and also offer a glimpse into our rich performance heritage.

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Soundproof practice rooms, classrooms, a library, staff room and reception area complete the top level of this building. Students attending music classes throughout the day bring the halls to life with the magical sound of their instruments and voices.

On the lower level, an innovative computer laboratory offers students unparalleled access to equipment enabling them to work in groups or individually to explore composition through digital technology. This level is also home to the percussion room, conveniently located close to the Hall making life that little bit easier for students moving heavy instruments to the stage for performances.

Remnants of the original administration offices and textbook hire space are visible on the lower level of the building, adjacent to the car park.

The School’s music facilities were previously located where the Senior School staff common room currently resides (opposite the Hall). With the increased population of the school and the growth of our music program, the need for larger and more specialised facilities became apparent. This resulted in the conversion of the former Assembly Hall into the Music Centre.

This project was generously supported by Gabriel Foundation.

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1948 Choir with Burilda Millett

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The original music room in 1972

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1985 Founders' Day service in the Hall (now the Music Centre)

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Construction of the Music Room (now the Staff Room) in 1972

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Students with teacher in the innovative music laboratory in 2016

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1994 String Orchestra

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