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14. Junior School

In March 1972, the Junior School (located five minute’s walk away, on Grey Street) was officially opened much to the delight of the students and staff who happily relocated from a dilapidated wooden schoolhouse which had been erected on the Melbourne Avenue site.

Like the rest of the school, junior students were originally located at Glebe House and moved to Melbourne Avenue in 1928. Enrolment numbers were increasing and after several basic buildings were utilised throughout the war years, a need for a dedicated Junior School soon became apparent. It wasn’t until 1969 that plans to build a separate junior campus were approved by the government.

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Ten years after opening, additional facilities were added to the Junior School campus including a gymnasium, music room, art room, practical activity room, two new classrooms and an expanded library. 1992 saw more changes with new tennis and basketball courts, new front entry gates (to match the Senior School gates - which were donated by the Grammarians’ Association) - and a new oval, which was named after CGGS’s  first Junior School Principal, Meg Kavanagh.

Monday, 7 September 1998 saw a fire sweep through the Junior School destroying four classrooms, computer rooms, offices, students’ work and staff resources. Thankfully, no one was injured and it was comforting that following this terrible event the CGGS community demonstrated wonderful support to the School. After just a few months of using demountable classrooms and amenities, the damaged section of the building was repaired and daily life returned to normal at the beginning of 1999.

To meet the growing needs of the school, the Clements Multipurpose Hall was opened in October 2010 after the original hall was demolished to make way for a larger facility. Students use the space for indoor sports, while the stage and audio visual equipment cater for assemblies and chapel services. An entry foyer, a mezzanine floor attached to the hall, student facilities and administration offices also form part of this expansion.

Once inside the front door, students and staff enjoy access to a sublime courtyard linking the original building with the new. The enthusiasm of the children moving about the campus is obvious, especially as they enter the library and adjoining innovation space where their young minds are encouraged to be creative. 

The Junior School building refurbishment and extensions to classrooms was generously supported by the Gabriel Foundation.

Image for photo: 1940s Old Gibraltar School - Kindergarten.jpg

Circa 1940 - Old Gibraltar School building which was the original kindergarten building

Image for photo: 1972 front of Junior School facing Grey Street.jpg

Front of the Junior School facing Grey Street in 1972

Image for photo: 1972 Opening of the Junior School in Grey Street by Sir John Crawford.jpg

1972 Opening of the the Junior School by Sir John Crawford

Image for photo: 1992 JS classroom.jpg

Junior School classroom in 1992

Image for photo: 1999 courtyard.jpg

Internal courtyard of the Junior School - 1999

Image for photo: 2010 Year 3 H.jpg

Year 3 class in 2010

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