Welcome to the Canberra Girls Grammar School Heritage Walk.

The Heritage Walk is a self-guided walking tour which explores the 90 year architectural and cultural history of Canberra Girls Grammar School.

Starting at the iconic Boarding House and meandering across the school grounds, the Heritage Walk will take you back in time, painting a picture of where the school began and honouring where it is today.

By incorporating QR code technology, the walk allows visitors to enjoy a self-guided tour supported by a mobile-friendly website offering detailed information about each location along the way.

The interactive website allows those who can’t physically visit the campus to virtually explore the Heritage Walk from anywhere in the world.

Before commencing the walk, download a QR code reader app onto your smart device via your relevant app store or obtain a copy of the Heritage Walk booklet at the Boarding House upon starting the walk – or do both!

We hope you enjoy the Heritage Walk and look forward to receiving your feedback. Please feel free to visit the Heritage Website whenever you wish as we plan to develop more content over time, including your memories of Canberra Girls Grammar School.